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Our Family's Best Gourmet Fresh Truffle Butter

Our Family's Best Gourmet Fresh Truffle Butter


Fresh, wild and seasonal truffles pressed and folded into a quality buttery spread is a perfect preserve for containing the forest fresh taste of in-season truffles at any time of year.  Our ROOT44 family secret butter recipe delightfully captures the quality notes and flavours of fresh truffles.  We truly believe once you try this recipe, it will be your stand-alone, go-to truffle butter and must-have staple in your freezer.  TIP:  An affordable approach to preparing this butter is by using end pieces of a truffle used for another purpose.  Finely chop and set aside - add 2 tsp of the best quality mince truffle for excellent modification to suggested fresh truffle below.  Continue to follow the recipe below.

As the weather turns and seasons change, we have always set aside precious time to gather peak and end of season truffles to prepare this Seasonal Truffle Butter.  We slice/mircro-plane fresh truffles into our favourite butter which we gladly reach for in off-season for incorporating a fresh truffle taste and aroma in our favourite truffle dishes.   We are very happy to share this recipe with tips on how to best freeze your truffle butter. 

Why not give this deliriously delicious creamy and no-fuss truffle preserve a try.  It will please all palettes from the pickiest eater to the refined foodie.   

 12 - 16 pp tsp. serving per 1 stick of butter



  1. Set out your ingredients. 
  2. Line 4 non-stick mini-loaf/regular-sized muffin tin with (cut to approx. tin cup size) parchment paper.  Tip:  Lightly spray tins with non-stick oil/butter to secure the parchment paper.  Set aside.   
  3.  In a medium bowl, add the chopped room-temperature butter, truffle salt, truffle oil and mix with spoon until the butter is smooth.  
  4. Place a micro-plane/truffle slicer over the bowl of butter and rasp/thinly slice the entire truffle into the mix.  Tip: To avoid finger cuts, once the truffle is a small piece, finely cut the remainder with a knife on a cutting board and add to the mixture.
  5. Fold the truffle into the butter mixture until fully incorporated. 
  6. Spoon the truffle mixture evenly into the mini loaf/muffin tins evenly in the 4 lined sections.  Tip:  Use a spatula to remove as much of the truffle butter mixture as possible from the bowl into the tins.  
  7. Set the tin tray into the refrigerator until the butter is firm to touch (approx. 30mins).  
  8. Meanwhile, cut 4 - 8inx8in pieces of parchment paper and line them out on a clean counter/cutting board.  As well cut 8 pieces of approx. 8in long food-grade string (butchers/cotton twine).  Set aside. 
  9.  Remove the tin from the refrigerator and then carefully remove the harden butter from each tin onto one of the 8inx8in papers.  Fold the paper diagonally, then press down the covered butter with your hands, working it flat then rounding up to sausage shape.  Open the parchment paper and draw in any spreaded outlining butter into the sausage shape with a spatula.  Once shaped and contained, repeat the diagonal fold over the roll, then tuck in the top sheet under the belly of the sausage shaped butter and continue to wrap the paper into a tight roll.  Once the butter is tightly secured in the rolled parchment paper, take the ends and tie securely with food-grade string.  Cut any excess parchment paper and string.  Repeat the shaping, rolling and securing process with the remaining hardened butter.   
  10.  Title and date the parchment paper with a food-grade marker - ie. White Truffe Butter, 20.12.21.
  11. Place your secured butter into freezer bags - remove as much air from the bag before sealing and safely place into your freezer for up to 3mons.  
  12.  When ready to use, cut the string of one side and run a palette/slightly wet butter knife along the portion of the butter you wish to use. 

Tip - *We added truffle oil and salt as an enhancement to the earthiness of the fresh truffle and in the case of the oil as added prevention to ice crystallization of the butter.   Choose 


Melt into the finishing sauces for your pasta, spreads, risottos, plant-based meats, eggs, mashed potatoes, roasted/grilled vegetables, fish, meats, cheeses or use it melted as a dip over drizzled over popcorn.  Yum! 

Example of rasping your truffle using a microplane.

Example of lined mini-loaf tins with smooth truffle butter mixture.





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