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Colour of Our Roots

It's all in the name - the logo that links foraged treasures, history and place to the world with love for family, friends and fine foods.


A VERY EXPENSIVE ROOT VEGETABLE - The revered and one of the most expensive culinary ingredients in a kitchen are wild white and winter black truffles. Truffles are a subterranean fungus (properly known as tubers) that feed and grow along a complex root system of trees grown in very specific climates, soil, seasons and locations. Only seasoned truffle hunters and specially trained dogs can find them.  Due to their high price and rarity, there are often referred to as edible gold.


CONNECTING FINE FOODS WITH FLAIR - The colour of how it all began in the Toronto Fine Foods Industry.  Founder, Wanda Srdoc of ROOT44 (formerly White Truffles) started in 2005 with a custom pink scale and a weekly shipment of freshly flown in wild white truffles. Knowing the expense (up to $12,000/gm) and the short-life span of a fresh white truffles (3-5 days), Wanda introduced the pink scale as a way of lightening the mood for the Executive Chefs when weighing in their expensive purchase.


OUR FAMILY ROOTS: It all began in 1932 in Istria, Croatia.  With humble beginnings and as a source of survival, Wanda’s great-grandfather, Pietro and his neighbor, Pietro would hunt during the night in Istrian forests and sell their freshly found and finest truffles to visiting dignitaries.  Fast-forward to the present, with a continued passion and dedication to selling only the best wild truffles in the world,  Wanda’s family expanded into an industry respected truffle hunting, production and visitation centre called Natura Tartufi.  They have aptly named their highest quality preserves Pietro & Pietro.


WHITE EDIBLE GOLD - The colour to honour the most revered and rare truffle in the culinary world - the WHITE truffle - the tuber magnatum pico.  Only grown and found in very scant forested areas in Central and North-Eastern Europe with some of the largest and most fragrant found in the truffles forests of Istria, Croatia.


BLACK DIAMONDS OF THE KITCHEN - The colour to honour the premier black winter truffles for their culinary regard. Coined back in the early 1900s by French gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin as "the diamond of the kitchen".


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