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Welcome to ROOT 44

We are a LUX Plant-Based and Sustainable Lifestyle Company for EVERYBODY, providing accessible, innovative, and premium fine foods and curating unforgettable and experiential events that take your love for food to new heights. What sets us apart is our specialization in top-grade truffles, granting you direct access to the world's finest wild truffles. From our forest to your table, we bring you hidden treasures from magical forests that await your discovery.

Join us at ROOT44 and experience the magic of these rare, wild, and delicious truffles for yourself. Our passion for exceptional ingredients and unforgettable culinary experiences awaits you.

Wanda Srdoc

Founder, Truffle Lover, Culinary Expert, Wanderlust and Head Taster

Are you a true food enthusiast, always seeking the finest culinary experiences? Look no further! With a rich family history deeply rooted in the truffle trade and fine foods, I've inherited an unwavering passion for sharing the love of truffles and creating unforgettable gourmet tasting experiences.

For over 19 years, I've had the privilege of working in the professional culinary trade, connecting with renowned suppliers in Croatia, Italy, and France to bring you the most esteemed and top-grade truffles available. Today, I am thrilled to offer a ONE-STOP Truffle Resource and Shopping site, delivering an unparalleled experience right to your fingertips whether you are searching for premium and delicious truffle products, elevated cooking classes, decadent tasting events or a Culinary and Culutral Bucket List Escape to Croatia.

Speaking of Escapes -I invite you to join me on an unforgettable adventure exploring the finest that Croatia has to offer from award-winning truffles, wines, olive oils, michelin worthy cuisine, rich historic and cultural landmarks and breathtakenly beautiful landscapes. Please check out our line up of dreamy small-group tours - Bucket List Escapes to Croatia

Where do we sit in the Culinary and Truffle World?

At the very top of the Plant-Based food chain! At ROOT44, we believe in the power of plant-based cuisine, not only for our own health but also for the well-being of our environment. Drawing from my personal experience and working closely with the world's greatest chefs and home cooks, I've learned that selecting natural, fresh, and high-quality ingredients is the key to preparing remarkable tasting food.

We welcome a vibrant community of passionate and curious food enthusiasts and discerning taste explorers to experience authentic, innovative, and creative culinary experiences. That's why ROOT44 proudly presents a curated collection of delicious plant-based products, starting with our exquisite wild truffles. With our direct-source approach, you can indulge in the finest truffle delicacies and embark on an extraordinary gastronomic journey.

We invite you to indulge your making lasting memories and elevate your culinary prowess with our exceptional offerings. Experience the finest truffles, savour the finest flavours, and join us in cultivating a sustainable lifestyle that nourishes both body and soul.

Root44 Truffle Dogs


Our roots trace back to the early 1930s when Wanda's great-grandfather, Pietro Zigante, and his friend Pietro Cerneka set up a humble truffle market stand in Istria, Croatia. Their mission was simple: to bring the finest, freshly discovered truffles to local dignitaries. Over the decades, our family's knowledge and passion for truffles grew, propelling us into the ranks of a respected international business. We honed our skills in training the most intelligent and athletic truffle dogs, sourcing wild truffles from the heart of Croatia, and crafting innovative and award-winning truffle preserves.

Today, the Pietro & Pietro brand and family business thrive under the ownership and operation of Danijela Puh, Wanda's first cousin, and her husband Marko Puh. Their relentless pursuit of quality and innovation has propelled our company to prominence on the world stage.

We proudly offer the Pietro & Pietro barnd and we invite you to experience the culmination of generations of truffle expertise. Explore our extraordinary range of products, meticulously crafted to showcase the incomparable flavors and aromas of wild truffles.

Photo shows President and Founder of Pietro&Pietro, Danijela Puh with expert truffle hunting dogs, Beba and Mojica.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

With a profound commitment to sustainable development and green economies, I have dedicated my education and lifelong passion to bridging the gap between business and the environment, recognizing their interdependence. At ROOT44, we have embraced a mission that sets a new standard in the food and travel industry, placing product integrity at the forefront.

Our mission at ROOT44 is to redefine the food and travel landscape, where the foundation of product integrity lies in source transparency. We prioritize the use of clean, sustainably sourced, top-grade, and authentic ingredients, ensuring that every bite and experience reflects our unwavering commitment to quality.

But our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the plate. We firmly believe that travel should be done in harmony with the environment and local communities. That is why we forge sustainable partnerships at every stage of the tour experience, minimizing our ecological footprint while maximizing the positive impact on local economies and cultures.

At ROOT44, we are driven by a vision to lead the way in transforming the food and travel industry into a force for good. We meticulously curate our offerings, meticulously selecting suppliers who share our values of sustainability and social responsibility.

Wanda Srdoc

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Browse our collection of the finest, nutrient-rich and authentic earth-friendly FRESH & PRESERVED food from sustainably foraged wild plants or prepared by ethical and sustainable farmers and producers.   


Make incredibly tasty, easy and elevated plant-forward truffle creations from decadent snacks and desserts to elegant mains for EVERYBODY - your fussiest to your most high brow foodies! 

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