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It's Easy to Entertain with Truffles for Every Diet!

It's Easy to Entertain with Truffles for Every Diet!

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No-Fuss Truffle Recipes



just love to host!  At my house there is no shortage of sharing great stories, laughs, drinks and of course including extra decadent touches to the food-feasting menu.   However, the days of diving deep into preparing multi-course culinary masterpieces are far and few between.  Life always seems to get in the way.  Hours blink into days and the weekends blink into months!  In my busy world, incredible food needs to be created with simple and time-saving methods.

When family and friends do finally collect, I want our time together to be extra special and completely inclusion of all types of eaters. I am very appreciative when my friends accommodate my family.  My eldest daughter, Sienna and I are both vegetarians and my youngest daughter is exceedingly basic with her food. 

Whether I offer snacks, appetizers, dinners or desserts, I will always include choices that all my guests can enjoy.   Accommodating every guest may seem overwhelming.  However, there are so many places to help you from your specialty shops, big-box grocers, the vast world of online shopping to your corner store.  There are more and more items available that are gluten-free, sugar-free, plant-based (both vegan, vegetarian), kid-friendly, kosher and halal and with sustainable and ethically choices.  Thankfully, my special touch of using truffles can cover you for almost everyone at your party!  Fresh truffles are completely plant-based, nutritious and can be subtle or powerful additions in your dishes.  It's really up to you and the temperature read of what your guests would enjoy. Plus, truffle preserves offerings have become incredibly creative, fun and easy to use in a pinch.

 Serving truffles to your guests will provide them with a wonderful and unforgettable culinary experience. Truffles are truly a magical and rare ingredient evoking rich and earthy aromas. There is always excitement, intrigue, and curiosity to taste them.  Whatever your budget, I promise you there is a truffle product available for you to incorporate into a variety of dishes. 

No doubt, purchasing fresh and preserved truffles tend to be on the pricier side of your grocery budget.  However, in many applications, small quantities of quality truffle preserves (i.e. a drizzle of truffle oil) are required to enjoy the smell and taste of them. In the case of fresh truffles, my advice is to buy what you can afford and adjust your serving plate to suit.  If you purchase a small truffle, serve it on a small plate. The goal with fresh truffles is to shave slices to cover your dish in order to properly experience the taste profile of season. 


Working in the fine foods industries for close to two decades, I had the pleasure of being in many incredible kitchens. I have observed both Michelin-Star chefs and talented home cooks, prepare incredibly tasty dishes. The one thing I discovered as the key to their success was using the best quality ingredients from reputable sources. Yes, skill and talent of seasoned chefs are the essence of why food is so magical, but many of their recipes can be deconstructed to simple steps that incorporate the finest, freshest, and best ingredients.


 It pays off to buy quality fresh and preserved truffle as they will be centre stage to your dish and definitely be the talk of the party. 

As a truffle specialist and hosting lover, it became my mission to create simplified and time saver truffle dishes without compromising the quality and refined taste of truffles.  The good news for you is that ROOT44 has many innovative and very tasty truffle products along with No-Fuss Truffle Recipes. Here's a perfect recipe to serve to your most pickiest of eaters and your highbrow guests: Truffle Flatbread 3 Ways.  Now, you are ready to impress your last minute to very special guests!

—Xo Wanda, Founder, Root 44


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