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Book your SPRING & AUTUMN 2024 Bucket List Escape to Croatia

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A special road that leads the famed truffle forests of Istria, Croatia. A road well travelled over my lifetime with visits to this culinary heartland of Istria. I have fond memories of all seasons but autumn is my favourite. Plump grapes sit heavy on vines, fig trees with their low branches invite me to reach their ripened sun-kissed fruit, the sweet smell of linden trees swirl in the air, the famed river Mirna wraps herself around a magical forest feeding life to its inhabitants both above and below the surface. Family always welcomes me at their doorsteps with the aroma of truffles wafting out from their open windows. I cannot wait to return. You are welcome to join me as I take a small group to explore a culinary and cultural bucketlist of the very best places to see in Istria this September 2024. For our full itinerary package, please contact us at

Wanda Srdoc

Nestled between the crystal-clear Adriatic and the majestic Alps is a road that winds around the fertile-rich, culinary heartland of Istria, Croatia.  A breathtakingly beautiful route of medieval towns, rolling vineyards, olive groves and the magical Motovun forest filled with the rarest and most sought after white and black truffles.  It is truly an epicurean’s paradise boasting an impressive collection of world-class, award-winning, seasonal, wild and locally produced foods.

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Connecting our ROOTS:  The 44th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 44 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane. It crosses a culinary treasure trove of wild and artisanal edibles in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean

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Fun Fact

Wanda's favorite accomplishment is that she graduated from being called the “Truffle Girl of Toronto” at the beginning of her career to “Truffle Lady of Toronto”.


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