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Frequently Asked Questions

How to purchase fresh truffles?

For fresh truffle orders, please contact us here.  We kindly ask that you include the following in your inquiry:  Your full name, email, city, province, size, timeline and any special requests for information to facilitate us in preparing the very best truffles for you. Prices based on Market Conditions,  We provide you with the best value price for top-grade truffles. 

Please direct your size request by Saturday of each week so that we can process your fresh truffle order in a timely manner.  Earliest day that we can mail your request will be on a Thursday.  All fresh shipments* will be sent overnight across Canada for a next day delivery. Same day deliveries* can be arranged within the Greater Toronto area along with border cities extending west to Hamilton, East to Oshawa and North to Newmarket, *shipments and deliveries are subject to change due to uncontrollable weather/other conditions.  We will always inform you of any logistical changes. 

What sizes do you normally sell?

We offer a minimum weight for truffles.  Based on this minimum, we offer a range of sizes to accommodate most requests. However, for orders of 100g(+) pieces, we ask that you provide us with at least 14 days notice.   

Can you suggest how much truffle to use per plate of pasta/rice?

Yes - budget dependent, we suggest that your plate has full coverage of truffle shavings in order to properly taste the nuances associated  with the truffle.  It is advisable to prepare a dish to suit your truffle size.  

Examples -For Dinner Plate of Pasta, we would suggest 10g-15g of shavings Appetizer Plate of Pasta, 5-10g, Single Serve Amuse-Bouche-Taster - 3-5g/taster

I have a party of 4 and I would like to serve the main course with fresh truffle shavings, can you suggest the approx, amount of truffle I should purchase?

Yes - we suggest that you celebrate the season's aromas and flavours of your fresh truffle by covering each dish with truffle shavings.  You will need approx. 10g-15g/plate.   The total request for 4 pp - 40g-60g

When I receive my shipment, how should I best care for the fresh truffle?

Once your order is processed, we will provide you with a personalized truffle care package for ensuring an optimal truffle storing and tasting experience. 

How long should a fresh truffle last given proper storage and care?

A fresh top-grade truffle is the finest quality you can have - however, seasonality can affect the recommended length of keeping your truffle fresh and flavourful. In general, a fresh truffle received by us should last between 3-5 days.  We will provide you with specific details upon your order.

What dishes should I make to highlight the truffle?

The truffle must take the centre stage in your dish.  The truffle aromas and tastes work incredibly well.   Here are a few plant-based/vegetarian bases and inclusions to consider:  Base sauces with EVVO, Butter, Creams, Red/White/Brandy, Shallots and Garlic.   Pinch/small amount of the spices:  Tarragon, Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, Quality Sea. salt,   Many hard/Soft Cheese - Eggs - Potatoes - Pastas, Rices (except wild) - Polenta - Most vegetables Breads/Pizzas, Olive oil/cream based desserts.  For fish/foul/game/other meats, please contact us for suggested truffle recipe ideas.       


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