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Book your SPRING & AUTUMN 2024 Bucket List Escape to Croatia


Join ROOT44 Founder, Wanda Srdoc as she travels to her most cherished home away from home - Istria, Croatia and its vibrant captial city, Zagreb

This northern pennisula of Croatia borders Slovenia, Italy and the Adriatic sea. It is considered the culinary and cultural gem of Croatia. In land, the Istrian medieval hilltop towns and surrounding forests and fields have a similar topography and agriculture to Tuscany. It has been often referred to as “Tuscany North”. Read Wanda's latest blog Destination Route 44

Discover the captivating blend of history and beauty awaiting in Croatia's capital, Zagreb. Each moment spent here is a treasure trove of cultural and culinary delights, enriching your journey with unforgettable experiences.


CROATIA BUCKET LIST Culinary and Cultural Tours - Premium Small-Group All-inclusive tours*

ESCAPE for a worry-free culinary pampering to one of the most stunningly gorgeous locations on earth. Embark on an extraordinary journey with me as your experienced guide & Croatian Citizen to uncover Croatia's authentic beauty. Our curated tours take you behind-the-scenes and connect you to an exclusive network of top culinary and cultural experts. Enjoy immersive and private tastings, cultural tours and dinners where you will meet the owners and renowned artisans. Indulge in award-winning wines, olive oils, and Michelin-worthy cuisine. Unearth edible treasures during a private truffle hunt. Explore enchanting 4th-century medieval towns and seaside gems. Immerse yourself in Croatia's rich historical and cultural heritage.

PLEASE JOIN US! We travel to Croatia in the shoulder seasons of Spring and Fall when the weather is simply the best and crowds are less. Get ready for my 20th work Anniversary tours - 4 ULTRA VIP tours scheduled for 2025 -NOW AVAILABLE - Early Bird Specials - Request our latest Spring 2025 Itinerary with our FALL 2025 tours launching soon!

CROATIA - Autumn 2024 Premium Small-Group Bucket List Culinary and Cultural Tour
Date: Sept 17 -Sept 25

Click the link below to request our full itinerary and sign-up package. Don't miss out on this unforgettable adventure! We only have 2 spots left!

Check off many bucketlist moments:

1. Embark on a private truffle hunt, followed by a sumptuous multi-course feast at Anthony Bourdain's favorite truffle restaurant.
2. Rub elbows with master artisans and renowned chefs during behind-the-scenes tours, indulging in gourmet wine, spirits, and olive oil tastings. Savor private dinners at both Michelin-worthy establishments and authentic local eateries.
3. Journey through time as expert cultural historians guide you through medieval towns and vibrant cities. Explore the Motovun region, Pula, Rovinj, and the captivating streets of Zagreb.
4. Unwind in the lap of luxury at a 5-star seaside resort, where crystal-blue shores await in Rovinj, offering the ultimate relaxation experience.

CROATIA - Spring 2025 Premium Small-Group Bucket List Culinary and Cultural Tour
9 day-8-night - All-Women tour - May 12 -May 20

We have so many treats for you! Learn more. Secure your spot now and take advantage of our Early Bird special by signing up before September 1st, 2024. Click the link below to request our full itinerary and sign-up package.

Premium Small-Group Tours

We offer small-group tours where I cherry pick the very best places and experiences for you to enjoy in the most authentic way possible. You will immerse with the land, locals and culinary delights at every corner of this gastromonic paradise. Treat yourself to unforgettable memories of fine food, beautiful vistas, private truffle hunts and connecting to incredible local artisans and locals that make each moment feel truly magicial. NOTE: If you have a group of 7/8pp interested in Spring/Autumn - we can create an exclusive private tour just for all of you - Now, how wonderful would that be!


Our carefully curated itinerary promises a delightful sensory experience. I have set these trips to be small and intimate experiences with a maximum of 8pp.  They are essentially premium all-inclusive tours - everything is included apart from airfare, 1-2 lunches + dinners and some alcoholic beverages*. You will check off many bucket list moments and create a lifetime of memories! Our journey begins at the prestigious 5-star Esplanade Hotel, nestled in Zagreb's historic center, the captivating capital of Croatia. On the final day of each tour, we dedicate an entire day to exploring Zagreb—a city rich in culture and allure.

The majority of our time will be spent in the stunning Istrian Peninsula, where we will reside in carefully selected 5-star hotels and charming boutique accommodations situated in picturesque medieval towns and along breathtaking seaside shores. Istria is a coastal paradise that never fails to enchant. Prepare to be captivated by the splendor of Rovinj, Bale, and Pula, where panoramic seaside vistas, historical treasures, and vibrant marine life await your discovery.

Venturing inland, we delve into the medieval towns of the Motovun Region, immersing ourselves in a tapestry of history and culinary delights that rival the finest Italian cuisine. Prepare to indulge in Istria's specialty, "Fuzi" pasta, lovingly served with decadent white or black truffles in both cozy local taverns known as "Konobas," and Michelin-starred restaurants.

With natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and tantalizing flavors, Istria promises an extraordinary adventure that will leave you with lasting memories. Join us on this remarkable journey to experience the best that this remarkable region has to offer.

xo Wanda - World Traveler, Culinary Expert & Founder, Root44


Meet the infamous “Truffle Whisperer” – Anita Zigante (on the left). I have had the privilege to hunt with her many times and on this occasion with my eldest daughter who recovered her first top-grade autumn black truffle. Time to celebrate!

My aunt is well-known in the Truffle Community as the leading expert in training pups to seek and find truffles – which also makes her one of the finest truffle hunters in the world. During our visit to Istria, you will have a premium private small group truffle hunt with Anita's best trained guides and her top truffle hunting dogs. You will finish your hunt with an unforgettable truffle tasting experience where I will personally ensure that you are given generous amounts of truffle shavings on one of my favourite dishes - truffle scrambled eggs. This will be an unforgettable
highlight of your trip.

xo Wanda

Root44 Truffle Toronto Canada Truffle Whisperer


A successful find by the amazing truffle dog, Mojica & my daughter, Sienna


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