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Best Ever Tomato Truffle Sandwich

Best Ever Tomato Truffle Sandwich


Nothing beats a perfect summer day at Nono’s incredible garden. His sun-ripened, sweet juicy tomatoes 🍅 are beyond amazing - so tasty 😋 He starts them as seeds and nurtures them into these majestic large red jewels that are the talk of his neighbourhood. I feel so fortunate to pick them right off their vines and serve them up in my family’s favourite summer treat - Garden fresh tomato sandwich with black truffle drizzle! It’s soooo good! Late summer is the best time of the year whether or not you have your own garden of tomatoes - the season is peaking - many grocers and stands will be full of local varieties for you to slice into and enjoy. When you do, please try this simple recipe . It includes the best local garden ingredients, your favourite artisan bread and the finest truffle oil from where wild truffles grow. It’s a definite crowd pleaser ❤️. Enjoy 😘


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