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Top-Grade Winter Blacks - Tuber Melanosporum (mid-December - March)

$150.00 CAD

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Minimum order: 30g   Order your fresh wild black truffles today. Weekly delivieries arrive Wednesdays-Thursdays with direct, safe shipping to your door - same day in Toronto GTA and overnight across Canada.  

Truffle sizes range between 30g - 100g (size in grams may differ per truffle).  Should you wish for a larger sized truffle, please add increments of 20gs to your order to satisfy your amount and/or please contact us directly and we will assist you with your order at 

The Tuber melanosporum – aka “Perigord” Truffle, is the second most expensive truffles next to the pricer Whites. This truffle was and continues to be widely popular among the greatest culinary professional for both its intoxicating properties and its versatility in the kitchen. Unlike the white truffle, these hardy winter black can work well as a raw garnish or as an application within a cooked dish. The dark velvety interior that is streaked with white veins evoke a sensuality and is often referred to as an aphrodisiac. We are fortunate to source only wild winter blacks from reputable hunters who take great pride in their finds as we do in sharing them with you. We only supply fresh and wild winter blacks.

Please review our FAQs in the main tab for more details on ordering, storing and cooking with truffles.  


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