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Top-Grade Great Whites - Tuber Magnatum Pico (late September – mid-January)



PRICES - Starting at 20g orders.  If you wish to purchase more - add additional 20g to your desired amount

For larger size pieces 30g, 40g - up to 100g sizes - Please contact us directly and we will take of you.  

The Tuber magnatum pico is arguably the greatest culinary treasure found beneath our feet in the rich soil and clay composites of Istrian and Alba’s forests. It is a tremendous pleasure to share the best of the best from mother nature during the white truffle season (late September – mid-January). There is nothing comparable to its taste, aroma and composition. It only grows in the wild in very specific regions and conditions. We work with direct sources to ensure the handling of these precious tubers are at a minimum. Our specialty is the white and our reputation is finding some of the largest and finest white truffles in the world. We have 4 generations of family in the truffle trade and truffle dog training to prove it! When you invest in this rare truffle, make sure you have the freshest, best quality and from a reliable supplier


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