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Dark Chocolate with White Truffle (60g)

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Pietro & Pierto is known for its incredibly tasty and innovative truffle products.  This exquisite chocolate with dried white truffles is no exception. The finest and decadent dark chocolate is made of 72% cocoa with an infusion of dried white truffle.  It will give your taste buds a real explosion of cocoa and earthy flavours.  An excellent treat to enjoy in small pieces with an après-dinner liquor or with coffee.   Easily upgrade your desserts by rasping/finely chopping pieces of chocolate on whipped cream, chocolate/vanilla/olive cake desserts.  A sophisticated rhapsody of truffle and chocolate flavours makes this chocolate a perfect gift for the true gourmand, dark-chocolate and truffle lover, professional chef or sommelier who welcomes its divine and unique earthy characteristics.   

Enjoy this product in your desserts with Pietro & Pietro Honey with White Truffles. 

INGREDIENTS:  cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, dried white truffle flakes 1.13%, truffle aroma 0.8%, emulsifier: lecithin soya, natural vanilla flavour. Chocolate contains cocoa solids. Min. 72%. May contain traces of milk and nuts. Average nutrition values per 100 g of the product: energy: 2292 kJ/549 kcal; fat: 32g, of which saturates: 12.8g; carbohydrates: 57g, of which: sugars: 20.7g; fibres: 2 g; Protein: 8.2g; Salt: 0,1g

Dark Chocolate with White Truffle (60g)


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